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NamiBear Story

The logo and name of our website comes from my rescue pitbull, Nami. Since we adopted her in 2015, she has had an immense impact on our life in terms of educating myself on dog training, bully breed, and most importantly learning her unconditional love and resilience of overcoming trauma from her experience prior to being in the shelter.

In our blog, we write about the bully breed and introduce various resources out there for people to learn more about the misconception and facts.

Besides Nami, we also have another sweet puppy, Arizona. She is a Shiba Inu and also from a shelter. We hope we can convey the importance of adopting rescue dogs through our art work and our blog. Not only will you be saving the dogs, but (believe me!) you will be saved by them!


We are passionate about various social justice issues. We strive to contribute our work in many ways to improving our community. Here are some of our core values and promises we make as an independent artist and business owner: