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NamiBear Story

My name is Chiho and I am the founder of NamiBear. I am a Japanese artist based in Minnesota, USA. My work consists of painting animals and nature in watercolor, and creating patterned or cartoon styled illustrations. You can find my work on Zazzle, Society 6, RedBubble, Curioos, and FineArtAmerica.

When you take a look at my portfolio, you will probably notice that a lot of my watercolor paintings feature pit bull dogs. That’s because I consider myself a pit bull advocate and I am passionate about changing their bad reputation. I have a rescue pit bull dog, Nami, and she has had an immense impact on my life since I adopted her in 2015. As you might have already guessed, my company name comes from her :) NamiBear is a place where I can combine my passion towards animals and art, and share it with others.


We are passionate about various social justice issues. We strive to contribute our work in many ways to improving our community. Here are some of our core values and promises we make as an independent artist and business owner: